DANLING XIAO  (Potts Point, NSW Australia)
Carrot Athlete, AKA Mundane Matters by Danling Xiao, 2016, photograph of vegetable sculpture
Broccoli Tree Logging, AKA Mundane Matters by Danling Xiao, 2016, photograph of broccoli sculpture

Pear Dress, AKA Mundane Matters by Danling Xiao, 2015, photograph of a pear sculpture

How can I re-conceptualize food to inspire thoughtful reflection and change the way we interact with our environment? Eating is at once fundamental to our survival and a powerful cultural expression, but so often we forget the negative impacts our eating practices bring to our environment.

All the small things we do contribute to our environmental problems. If we all approached our eating habits more mindfully and ethically, we could reduce unnecessary waste and help improve our food ecosystem. It would not only benefit our health, but also our environment and billions of lives.

My Mundane Matters series has been inspiring people to live and eat mindfully every day since 2015. I believe by expressing stories in my life, through daily creation of intriguing fruit and vegetable sculptures shared on digital media, I can draw our gaze to the beauty of organic nature, and inspire people to take mindful actions to help save our planet.

Website:  http://mundanematters.co