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GMO food
PerchBerry by Stefani Allegretti, 2015, digital art print
animal cruelty
Culled and Desensitized by Andrea Baatz, 2015, lithograph
insects as food
Climate-Friendly Protein by Pat Badani, 2015-2016, an edible sculpture & its recipe
GMO food
Viral 2 by Myka Baum, 2016, archival inkjet print on HM Photo Rag
hunger in USA
Waste Plate (Burger Bar) by Bereza & Fearnside, 2015, digital inkjet print
tainted water
Tuberculosis On The Horizon by Debra Bianculli, 2012, oil & acrylic on canvas
food choices selfies
Menu Moments by Mary Ann Biehl, 2016, digital photography
GMO fish
Future Fish by Don Cooper, 2016, digital illustration
changing food habits
The Conundrum of the Cake by Galina Dargery, 2015, oil & mixed-media
ocean trash
Aqua Mess: Portraits of food trash in the Arctic by Carol Devine, 2015, photography
endangered pollinators
Bee Tongue by Shoshanah Dubiner, 2016, gouache on paper
perception of store-bought food
Why Choose? Turkey & Grapes by Lyubava Fartushenko, 2016, watercolor
a nutrient absorption solution
FOOOD by Gints Gabrans, 2015, mixed media, transgenic bacteria
GMO regulation loopholes
Promise Apple by Hadley & Reynolds, 2015, digital advertisement and two correspondence letters
multi-purpose food
Garden of Blastomycodon by Mary Johnson, 2013, vegetable & fruit dyes, altered-photos, mixed media on paper
food images mosaic portrait
Arcimboldo-ed Julia Child by Ken Knowlton, 2010, computer-composited image
superfood tree
We by Juni Kusumanto, 2016, fineliner pencil on paper
adaptation to insects as food
Popular Grocery 2030 by Chantal Lefebvre, 2016, mixed-media on paper
food growing experiment
S.OIL by Maria Michails, 2012, interactive installation
meditation on connection
Beets, Birds and Bees 1 by Debra Olin, 2014, monoprint collage
process reveals ingredients
Summer Roll by Mariona Otero, 2016, risograph print and colored pencils
a new bioengineered fruit
Lumen™ by Pamela Parker, 2016, digital print
organic farming began 1920s
Organic Farmer by Michele Parliament, 2013, digital collage
juice as metaphor
Juice by Perea & Storm, 2012, oil on canvas
the medium is the message
Palindrome by Ari Richter, 2007, cured meats and ground pork rinds on butcher paper
advertising subtrefuge
From Cradle to the Shipment by Kazuma Sambe, 2016, ceramic sculpture
daily inspiration for mindful eating
Pear Dress, AKA Mundane Matters by Danling Xiao, 2015, photograph of a pear sculpture
icon for GMO apple
ICON XXI: GMO Apple by Timur York, 2016, archival digital pigment print on etching paper