Billy Kluver was born in Monaco in 1927, and grew up in Sweden (Stockholm). He came to the United States in 1954, where he first served as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, at UC, Berkeley, and subsequently Member of Technical Staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories in Murray Hill.

In the early 1960s, he collaborated with artists on works of art incorporating new technology, including Jean Tinguely, Jasper Johns, Yvonne Rainer, Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage and Andy Warhol.

In 1966 Kluver, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Whitman, and Fred Waldhauer founded Experiments in Art and Technology, a not-for-profit service organization for artists and engineers. Since 1968 he has been president of Experiments in Art and Technology. E.A.T. established a Technical Services Program to provide artists with technical information and assistance by matching them with engineers and scientists who can collaborate with them. E.A.T. projects included: "9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering" in 1966; Utopia: Q&A, public spaces linked by telex in New York, Ahmedabad, India, Tokyo, and Stockholm, where people could ask people in other countries questions about the future, 1971; Children and Communication pilot project to use telephone, telex and fax equipment to have children in different parts of New York City communicate with each other, 1972; large screen outdoor television display system for Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 1976-1977.

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