Born 1931 in Springville NY; 23 years formal education ending with Ph.D. at M.I.T. in 1962. 20 yrs. at Bell labs, 5 SRI+DEC+misc in CA, 8 Wang, 2 consult, 3 NetWaveInc. 2 years as an ACM speaker, many papers on Computer Graphics, 20 US patents; known as a "computer artist" "artist" "innovator".

Ken Knowlton joined Bell Labs in 1962 as a member of the computer techniques research department. In 1963 he authored the BEFLIX programming language for bitmap computer-produced movies, later EXPLOR and other experimental languages for stills and films for scientific and artistic purposes. He has devised several software and/or hardware techniques for person-machine interaction, and has worked, and still does, alone and in collaborations, with scientists, artists and musicians.

The trends of his artistic career have been from movies to stills, from higher to lower lower resolution, from color to black-and-white, and from more to lesser involvement with both computers and people -- he has largely expunged the "and" from his former persona "and Ken Knowlton".

His current artworks are mosaics, particulary those made of seashells. He works at, developing techniques for easy and safe of internet browsing for children and, for adults, the same plus e-commerce.
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