Sunday, September 27, 1998; 2 pm
Doors Open & Resource Tables w/info. - 1pm
The Great Hall @ Cooper Union
7 E. 7th Street at 3rd Ave., NYC

The digital print's collectibility is perhaps one of the most controversial issues in the art world today. Is the perceived "glass ceiling" that some artists are reporting about the showing and collecting of the digital print real or just imagined? Come and hear what the experts have to say. Early in his research and testing career, Henry Wilhelm, photo and print consultant to MOMA and to Bill Gates' Bettmann Archive, served as a technical adviser to film director Martin Scorsese in his successful effort to persuade Eastman Kodak and Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. to increase the stability of their motion picture color negative and color print films. Now, he is concerned primarily with testing of inkjet materials and other types of digital hardcopy, for which he has become the field's foremost expert.

The panel will begin with short, informative presentations. Henry Wilhelm will deliver his most recent research about digital inks on paper. Randy Green of MuseX Editions will speak about the various types of machines and outputs from which the contemporary computer artist or photographer can choose. Of course, he will talk about the "Rolls Royce" of this industry, the giclee print from the Iris printer, plus the Lightjet 5000 by Cymbolic Sciences, and a new top-of-the line contender to be announced from ColorSpan Corporation. And, since a key to the longevity equation is paper, Linda Laska from Arches will discuss this important component.

The second part of the program will draw upon the first-hand experience and knowledge base of the other panelists to add spice and breadth to the panel discussion and audience Q&A period:

Click here for Online Interview with THERESE MULLIGAN,Curator of Photography, The George Eastman House, Rochester, NY, one of the first museums to collect the fine art digital print!

Cynthia Pannucci Artist, Curator and Director of ASCI
(Art and Science Collaboration, Inc. is an international non-profit organization devoted to raising public awareness about artists and scientists working at the curious intersection of these two fields.)

Henry Wilhelm
Pre-eminent authority on the longevity of inks on paper to museums around the world. biographical information
  Linda Laska
Artist, educator and Promotion/Product Manager for Arches Paper.
(VoiceMail: 1 800-252-2211)
Lynn Pocock
Digital artist, Professor and Curator of the digital art exhibition for the SIGGRAPH'97 national convention in Los Angeles.
David Kiehl
Curator of Prints at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.
Richard Leslie
Writer, Curator and Art Historian with special concentration in comtemporary photography.
Paul Griffin
Digital artist and Creative Services Manager at Iris Graphics, mfg. of state-of-the-art digital fine art printers.

Waldo Tejada
Photographer, digital artist, Director of the Digital Sudio at Cooper Union.
  Bill Jones
Editor of ArtByte, the only magazine of its kind THAT WAS devoted exclusively to digital arts [stopped publication in 2001].

Randy Green
Owner, Muse X Editions, a fine art print publisher collaborating with artists on various digital printmaking projects.
Michael Malcolm
Private dealer of fine art photography, sold Nash Editions of digital prints as early as 1991.

A great resource of information is...
International Association of Fine Art Printmakers

From 1-2pm and again from 4-5pm....
Representatives from the fine art digital print industry
(printers, paper, and fine art publishers)
will be at RESOURCE TABLES located in the Grand Foyer
opposite the entrance doors to the auditorium.
They will have info/promotional materials and be available for questions.

This event is a production of ASCI
and is sponsored by IRIS GRAPHICS
with additional support from:

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