Winner: Digital Art

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"The computer is a wonderful tool for the kind of work that I do. I am able to take my own original photographs and collage, paint, alter and manipulate them in ways that would be much more difficult, if not impossible, to do conventionally. Paradoxically, I find the computer to be both fundamental to and subservient to my artistic process. The computer allows me to work in the way that is most natural to me, providing instant feedback, infinite muteability, quick response, and the ability to dynamically synthesize and layer images and text. At the same time, I experience the computer as an invisible component of my creative process.

I am exploring the use of text and what I call markings in my work. Markings could be be letters, symbols, diagrams, personal marks or impressions, ancient or modern, accidental or deliberate. I use these markings for both texture and symbolic meaning. Along the same lines, I see the overlaying images and layers in my work as a metaphor for time, experience and meaning.

What I hope is that the experience of viewing my art is in some way expansive, that the viewer will go away having been touched in some positive way."

Sandy Young
Glenn Ellen, California

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