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  Digital'09 - Guidelines


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Mysteries in Science

11th International Digital Print Open Competition/Exhibition
to be held at the New York Hall of Science
October 3, 2009 – January 31, 2010

Organized by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)




Aug. 3, 2009:  Entry Deadline [midnight Pacific Time/USA]

Aug. 21, 2009:  Notification of Juror Selections [via email]

Sept. 22-28, 2009:  Artworks must arrive at the museum

Oct. 3, 2009:  Exhibition opens at New York Hall of Science

Oct. 3, 2009:  Online Exhibition opens at ASCI's website
Jan. 31, 2010:
Exhibition closes at New York Hall of Science
Feb. 1-3, 2010:
  Arrange for pick-up or return shipping

GUIDELINES: make sure to read them [below]



Read about the 4 payment options

*It is very helpful to print-out the payment instructions so that when you are on the payment page, you can follow them very carefully. ONLINE PAYMENT ONLY accepted.

Submit images, Entry Form, & payment on same day!


-         Anticipated 100,000+ individuals & families will view your work at the museum


-         Inclusion in the permanent Digital’09 online exhibition at ASCI's website; ASCI’s site receives approximately 40,000+ visitors/per month


-         The exhibition will be announced to our 10,000+ art-sci colleagues list and promoted to various art and science online journals


-         Approximately 25 color exhibition announcement postcards


-        There will be a modest Opening Reception


-        We will try to interest other exhibition venues in traveling the show.



Digital Image-Making Process: 

There must be computer manipulation or computer enhancement during the image-making process. "Straight photos" or digitized paintings printed with a digital printer are NOT acceptable. However, you can paint on top of the digital image or add other flat media techniques. [Your work will be framed with plexi in the museum's frames... see below.]

Digital Output Media:  
We are seeking
 digital prints on paper only this year.


Only artworks appropriate for a "family audience". [No explicit sexuality.]


Amount of Images:  1-6 maximum

$20.00 for one image ONLY /or "first" image
$5 each additional image [max. 6 total]

-  If you submit a "series," each individual image counts as an individual artwork in terms of Entry Fees.  Series images will be hung together on the wall.

-    JPG images will be deleted after Juror process, except those selected for the museum exhibition. Participating in the Digital'09 exhibition automatically gives ASCI permission for the selected images to be permanently archived in the Digital'09 Online Exhibition at the ASCI website.
FORMAT FOR ENTRY IMAGES:  [we accept JPGs only!]
- save image at 72 pixels/inch
- size*: approximately 480 pixels x 650 pixels
- save image as a "jpg" at medium resolution [not high!]
- your "last name" should be the first word of your "jpg title" [example: "SmithJH_MolecularDaze3.jpg"]

*JPG SIZE TEST:  When you attach your jpg(s) to an email, the title and "final compression" KB size appear in the attachment area of email. NOTE: an image in Photoshop could show the "image size" as just under 1MB, but after jpg compression, it could go down to 200KB. We hope this helps clarify what we want.



1)  Attach 1-6 jpg images to an email
Do NOT put image "info" in email [put on Entry Form]

-  Email Subject Line:  Digital’09 + [Your Name]
-  1-MB maximum size of attachments to each email
-  Send emails with attachments to:


2)     Post jpg images online at a website
-  Post image jpg(s) at your website or another's
-  On the Online Entry Form, give specific URL of each "jpg" [This URL is NOT your website homepage, but on a new/dedicated web-page].


This year, the museum will be furnishing all of the exhibition frames in order to cut-down on this and the shipping costs for the selected participants. The silver metal frames measure 18" x 24" [45.7 cm x 61 cm] with a narrow edge, plexi, and a foamcore backing.

SIZE OF YOUR PRINT PAPER:  18" X 24" [45.7 cm x 61 cm]  Make a notation on back of your print [or attached paper] which is the "top" of the print if it is not obvious from the image.

LARGEST IMAGE SIZE =  17.75" X 23.75" [45.1 cm x 60.3 cm]. The frame has a 1/4" [1.9 cm] lip over the paper on all sides. Or, image can be same size as the paper.

SMALLEST IMAGE SIZE = 12" X 18" [30.5 cm x 45.7 cm]  Using your computer imaging program, you must create either a white or black area around the image as a "self-mat" on the 18" X 24" [45.7 cm x 61 cm] paper.

-  Digital prints should be shipped in a strong cardboard tube with archival tissue or newsprint rolled to protect the surface of each print in the tube. [You may mail your print "flat" if you prefer.]

-  Put your name & title of print on a paper fixed gently to backside of each print. [Only use low-adhesion tape to do this!]

-  Artists/scientists are responsible for delivery/pick-up of artworks to/from the museum if you are local, OR you must pay costs of mailing tubes to/from museum.  

-    Use FedEx, DHL, or UPS for the cardboard mailing tubes. 

IF YOU LIVE IN THE USA:  A “Pre-Paid” label from your shipper must be filled-out and placed inside an envelop and included in mailing tube with print(s) before mailing to museum. OR, put your name, address, phone#, shipper's phone#, and Your Account# on a note and into an envelop included with your artwork inside the mailing tube. Artworks will
NOT be displayed without receipt of Pre-Paid Return Shipping Label prior to the exhibition's opening.

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE USA:  The participant will go online to Your Shipper's Website and calculate the shipping cost in US-dollars, from New York City [use shipping address below] to Your Address. Then you will send that money to ASCI via our Account. [You will get this info upon acceptance in the show.]

Artworks must arrive at museum:
Between Sept. 22 – 28, 2009

Mike Lane, Director of Exhibit Dept.
The New York Hall of Science
47-01  111th Street
Corona Park, Queens
New York City 11368

1 718 699-0005 [ext.334]
Put phone# onto Shipping Label

Pick-Up artwork in-person or arrange return: 
Between February 1–3, 2010

INSURANCE IN TRANSIT:  Exhibition participants must pay for insurance of their artworks during transit to/from the museum. Most people use insurance of the shipping company [FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc].


MUSEUM COVERAGE:  If there is damage to or theft of your artwork while it is on display, the New York Hall of Science will pay for replacement cost of the materials [paper + ink] for you to re-print and shipping of new print back to the museum.


ONLINE EXHIBITION:  The submitted jpg images of all Juror-selected artworks will be used to produce the Digital’09 online exhibition that documents the physical exhibition. The online exhibition will have a Featured mention+link on ASCI’s homepage for the length of the show and then will be permanently archived on the site with free public access. Sending your digital print to the physical exhibition constitutes your permission for inclusion in the permanently archived, online exhibition.

QUESTIONS:  "asci [at] asci [dot] org" 
[Put “DIGITAL’09” in the Subject Line]

ASCI is a nonprofit organization that charges minimal fees
to support the production of this exhibition and its
future online exhibition in order to ensure the
greatest opportunity of participation.

Return to Digital'09 Introduction
[for "theme" statement & link to Juror Bios]

ASCI's website:

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