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  Digital 2010 - Online Exhibition


Co-Jurors' Bios      Artworks & Artist Info  


Art & Science Collaboration's 
12th international digital print exhibition 
the New York Hall of Science
October 3, 2010 - January 31, 2011
Reception: Oct. 3rd, 3-5pm



Our blue planet, spinning like a jewel in our solar system, has been perceptually defined by the technology of each era, from believing it was flat, to the scientific understanding that Earth spins on its axis and has gravitational pull, to being part of just one of many solar systems. In terms of scale, humans are too small to viscerally comprehend our planet’s magnitude and the dynamics of its interconnected physical systems. We therefore break the concepts down into smaller parts, collect data and physical specimens of all kinds, and invent instruments to measure and track physical phenomena like earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. However, we still cannot grasp the “big picture” of planet Earth unless we read, look at photos, and finally… use our imagination to envision/conceptualize it!
For Digital’2010, artists and scientists were invited to submit original digital prints that reflect their perceptions of our planet. Are these perceptions changing as we learn more about Earth from explorers, scientists, and artists? What is the relationship between all living things and planet Earth? What images are evoked by calling it the blue planet or the peaceful planet or the changing planet?  What is the human impact on the whole planet? What is our concern for its future?


Linda Alterwitz (USA), Carol Ballenger (UK), Fred Casselman(USA)/Mike Shane (Netherlands), Elaine Duigenan (UK), Ursula Freer (USA), Peter Gudynas (UK), Torben Hoeke (Germany), Jeri Holt (USA), David Hylton (USA), Mark Koven (USA), Janet Manalo (USA), Angela Manno (USA), Yoichi Nagata (Japan), Mary Neubauer (USA), Ruth Robson (UK), Jeremy Rotsztain (USA), Sam Smith (USA), George Steuer (USA), Jiaya+Shih-Wen Young (USA)


I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a co-juror for ASCI’s Digital 2010: Planet Earth digital print competition.  The experience has been an invaluable reminder of the power of art to help express elusive and challenging concepts, such as the rapidly changing nature of this intricate planet we all call home.  Numerous independent lines of research conducted by thousands of scientists around the world in recent decades have accumulated into a large body of evidence documenting that we all now live in a world being substantially reconfigured by human activity.  Global warming due to releases of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is one profound manifestation of this human-dominated planet that we all share.  Human actions have set in motion global changes that will reverberate for millennia.  A multiplicity of innovations and solutions at all scales of society are needed for people to survive and thrive on a planet where humans are the dominant agents of change.  I greatly appreciate the work of our finalists, as well as the efforts of the all entrants, to create images that help remake how all of us conceive the world around us.

Patrick Hamilton is the Director of Environmental Science and Earth-system Science at the Science Museum of Minnesota, a Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment and a Principle Investigator with the University of Minnesota’s National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics.


I have curated exhibitions and worked with scientists in diverse capacities, but this experience of co-jurying a competition with a scientist was a unique one for me, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity.

Looking through the submissions, I was attracted to prints that conveyed the theme elegantly with simple yet powerful imagery. Whether it be an undulating line dancing across space provoked by sound waves, a blending of interior and exterior environments, an imagined earth that resonates with its own reality, a landscape transformed, a close-up of fragile microcosms or a distant viewpoint from above, these works prod more than provoke. Through the use of black and white or luscious color, or interesting juxtapositions of both, the chosen prints bear witness to the seriousness of the subject yet occasionally elicit a discrete smile.

I congratulate these artists, who have tackled a large subject and managed to find their way into it.
Maddy Rosenberg
Executive Director/Curator
Brooklyn, NY

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renown ecological artist
is exhibiting...

“GUT—Grand Unification Theory”
archival digital image, ©2002 Agnes Denes 


My work ranges between individual creation and social consciousness. It addresses the challenges of global survival and is often monumental in scale.

I plant forests on abused land, grow fields of grain in the heart of megacitites and create long-range master plans for large spaces in need of restructuring.

These works restore and enhance natural environments and benefit future generations with a meaningful legacy. They allow nature to speak its own special language articulated through human intelligence. 
"Rice/Tree/Burial" was my first ecological site work in l968 that announced my commitment to environmental concerns, and the creation of a new aesthetic.

I believe that the new role of the artist is to create an art that questions the status quo and the direction life has taken, the endless contradictions we accept and approve, offering intelligent alternatives.

In a time when meaningful global communication and intelligent restructuring of our environment is imperative, art can assume an important role. It can affect intelligent collaboration and the integration of disciplines. It can offer skillful and benign problem solving, motivate people and affect the future. Artistic vision, image and metaphor are powerful tools of communication that can become expressions of human values with profound impact on our consciousness and collective destiny. The artists' vocabulary is limited only by the depth and clarity of their vision and their ability to create true syntheses well expressed...

 [Click here for Agnes Denes's Abbreviated Bio]



The LEA [Leonardo Electronic Almanac] online environment is a hierarchical content generator with a quarterly publication representing a punctuated pinnacle of this multidimensional, user-driven, discipline-oriented social network for art-science-technology.

DIGITAL 2010: PLANET EARTH exhibition
is available to travel. Contact:
Cynthia Pannucci at "asci[at]asci[dot]org"

ASCI was one of the first organizations in the world to recognize a computer made image/print, as a valid fine art medium in 1998 by organizing an afternoon panel discussion,
"Collectibility & the Digital Print."  The event was held in The Great Hall at Cooper Union, New York City, in conjunction with ASCI's first international digital print competition/exhibition.

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Founded in 1988, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) is an international organization based in New York City. Its mission is to raise public awareness about artists and scientists using science and technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and to increase communication and collaboration between these fields.  Explore our extensive archives of past Exhibitions, Featured Members, ASCI Member News, and Homepage Listing, and discover the amazing resource information in our monthly ASCI eBulletin. [a benefit of membership]

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