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  ASCI members meetings


Presentation summaries [2004-Current)


February 9th at Hunter College, NYC: presentation by Sean Elwood, Director of Grantmaking and Artists Services at Creative Capital Foundation; and an informal meeting about forming an ASCI Members Meeting Committee.

[no meeting in January]


December 5, Hunter College, NYC: presentation by composer/performance artist, Joshua Friend; and stereoscopic 3D video by artist Gerald Marks.

November 7, Hunter College, NYC: presentation by sculptor, Julian Voss-Andreae and video/digital print artist, Christina McPhee.

October 6, Hunter College, NYC:  presentation by digital artist/painter, Johnathan Feldschuh.

April 4, Hunter College, NYC
with a presentation by Norman J. Zabusky, Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics at Rutgers University, New Jersey.

March 7, Hunter College, NYC
with a presentation by Eric Singer

February 7, Hunter College, NYC with a presentation by Dee Breger

January 10, Hunter College, NYC with presentations by Susan Kaprov and Ken Knowlton 


December 6, Hunter College, NYC
 With a presentation by Mary Flanagan

November 1, Hunter College, NYC
 with Presentations by Alice Hartley from the Green Maps System and Andrea Polli, Associate Professor, Film and Media.

June 7, NYC with Presentations by Chris Twomey and Michael Vitti

May 3, NYC with Presentations by Hilary Lorenz and Andrew Milmoe

April 5, NYC
 "Quantum Rivers" and "Polynomiography" With presentations by Donna Marshall and Bahman Kalantari

March 1st, NYC "Copper World" and "Wargames" with presentations by Cheryl Safren and Debra Swack

February 9, NYC "Flaming Flute" and "Microchip Jewelry" with presentations by Alyce Santoro and Ilene Astrahan

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