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  Digital'07 - OPEN CALL


Digital07 Logo



9th Annual International
Exhibition of Digital Prints
will be held at
the New York Hall of Science
October 6, 2007 January 27, 2008
Reception: October 27, 3-5pm
The Walter LeCroy Gallery
Organized by Art & Science Collaborations

"Pattern-finding is the purpose of the mind and the construct of the universe. There are an infinite number of patterns, some of which are known; those still unknown hold the key to unresolved enigmas and paradoxes." - Agnes Denes, 1967 (1) 
Historically, pattern has been reinterpreted by artists from the earliest of times. From the incised pictograms on the walls of Egyptian tombs, the stunning cut-outs of Matisse, America's pieced and patchwork quilts, to the everyday pattern of light and shadow that captivates many contemporary photographers -- pattern has captured the artist's vision.
For Digital'07, we are specifically looking at how structure and pattern in the universe, whether visible or invisible to the naked eye, have become the muse for many contemporary digital artists. We seek to explore how today's scientific fields of systems science, chaos and string theory, fractals, nanoscience, genetics, molecular science, the wavelets or frequency of sound, or a myriad of other mathematical data-sets have influenced today's artists, scientists, and technologists in creating 2-dimensional art of exquisite pattern.
And let's not forget the oldest source of pattern, nature itself! As Galileo is quoted to have said: "Nature's great book is written in mathematical symbols." Nature is, of course, an infinite resource for the lover of pattern.

(1)  From "Evolution and the Creative Mind," written in 1967 by Agnes Denes and delivered as a lecture in 1974 at the National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 
JD Talasek, Director of Exhibitions & Cultural Programs
at The National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC;
and Cynthia Pannucci, ASCI founder/director
[Click here for short bios]
(23 entrants were selected from 116 who entered this international competition)
James Ambrogi (Pennsylvania/USA), Elizabeth Bajbor (Warsaw/Poland), Paul Barrington (Tasmania/Australia), David Bookbinder (Massachusetts/USA), Willa Davis (Michigan/USA), Helen Ferry (NSW/Australia), Lis Fields (London/UK), Mark Fischer (California/USA), Peter N. Gray (Chicago/USA), Laura Hewitt (Alaska/USA), Cesar Hildago (Connecticut/USA), Sung Dae Hong (Seoul, South Korea), Terry Monaghan (Georgia/USA), Jeffrey Nickerson (New Jersey/USA), Gongbing Shan (Alberta/Canada), Cliff Singer (Las Vegas/Nevada), Victoria Skinner (Florida/USA), Mark Stock (Massachusetts/USA), StarLight Tews (Wisconsin/USA), Charles Thurston (San Francisco/USA), Zach Vitale (Massachusetts/USA), Lorraine Walsh (North Carolina/USA), and Yvan Rebyj (Saint Florent/France)


We hope you will enjoy PATTERN-FINDING, a vibrant new area of contemporary art. The online exhibition will launch on October 6, 2007.


ASCI was one of the first organizations in the world to recognize the digital print as a valid fine art product in 1998 by organizing an afternoon panel discussion, "Collectibility & the Digital Print."  This event was held in The Great Hall at Cooper Union, New York City, in conjunction with ASCI's first international digital print competition/exhibition.

Founded in 1988, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) is one of the few art & technology members organizations in the USA.  Established primarily as a network for artists who either use or are inspired by science and technology, ASCI has become a magnet for some of the best examples of this type of contemporary art and an excellent resource for scientists and technologists wishing to collaborate.  ASCI was instrumental in reinvigorating the art-sci-tech movement in the United States during the 1990's and helped coalesce the nascent art-science movement 1998-2002.  It produced seminal public panels on timely topics: from the first "CyberFair for Artists" (1995) to "Bell Labs & the Origins of Multimedia Art" (1998), "Collectibility of the Digital Print" (1998), and explored potential support systems for the first net art at "CyberArt'99."  ASCI also produced exhibitions of kinetic art, interactive light art, solar art, digital prints, and a Womentek exhibition.] Since 1998, it has produced four ArtSci international symposia on collaboration and the ArtSci INDEX, an online matching tool for potential collaborators. The monthly ASCI eBulletin [sent to ASCI members] is one of the most comprehensive resource tools in this highly interdisciplinary, international field. ASCI welcomes partnerships and dialogue with the art and scientific communities. 

A fun thing to do at the ASCI website is to use our "search" tool in the top navigation bar and type-in science "keywords" to see how artists are being inspired by/using science to make exciting contemporary art [DNA, genome, physics, chemistry, molecules, bacteria, space, species, etc.], and also that scientists are visualizing their research in more aesthetic ways.


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