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  Entry Form - Instructions


& Make Your Online Payment



to submit your online Entry Form, your image files, and pay entry fees. Please send your Fees the same day as Entry Form!

IMAGES:  [read all of the "Guidelines"]

Have your jpg images sized/saved and named properly.[example: "SmithJH_Molecular3.jpg"] 


You must fill-out and "submit" the Online Entry Form.
 Make sure you have read the Open Call information first!

-  Put “caption” information for each "jpg" onto the Form.  [This includes: title, dimensions, output media, and date for each print].

-  Have your "Statement" ready to copy/paste.  [Statement relating to submitted jpg(s); not "general"].

-  Print-out & save your Online ENTRY FORM before clicking the "submit" button.

ENTRY FEES (ways to pay):
$10.00 per/image  [1-5 images total]
[Checks are NOT accepted.]

1)  Via
Credit Card Payments:
Use a Major Credit Card:  Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, e-Check. [Your personal information is secure and safe via encryption technology via Paypal.]

Follow instructions below carefully:
-  Click on the "Buy Now" button below.
-  A Form comes-up. Go to the top of that page!
-  Where it says "Unit Price", type your TOTAL amount.
-  Click on "Up-Date Totals".

-  Look at center page: "Pay with Credit Card or Log In"
[skip the "login" area, unless you have an account]

-  Fill-in your credit card information & follow directions.
[Although it says: Create a Paypal Account... it does NOT, it just allows you to make a payment via your credit card.]

-  Next it allows you to review your payment & then click on the "purchase" button.

-  You will then receive a message at the top of the page with a Confirmation#.

You [& ASCI] will receive email receipts for payment.

***If you encounter any problems, we are happy to assist you over the phone.
1 (505) 988-2994. Leave a message of good time for us to return your call if we are not there.

US$10 [1-image]
US$20 [2-images]
US$30 [3-images] 
US$40 [4-images]
US$50 [5-images]

2)  Via Your PAYPAL.COM account:
This service is international and allows you to send money via email.  Name on Paypal Email Receipt will be cross-referenced to the name on your Entry Form.   friend with a Paypal account could send entry fees for you, but make sure they put: "YOUR NAME + amount of images"  in the Memo area.
US$10 [1-image]
US$20 [2-images]
US$30 [3-images] 
US$40 [4-images]
US$50 [5-images]

Enter Your Payment Amount into the Checkout Form and continue filling-out your info till the end.

3) You can
open a Paypal account nationally/internationally.
[Click on "Join Paypal Today"... Sign-Up Now]

ASCI has used for 6.5-years to accept ASCI membership dues, event registrations, and entry fees from USA and around the world with absolutely NO problems.


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