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  Featured Member - August'07



  The Last Iceberg

        Stranded Iceberg I, Cape Bird - Antarctica 
  December 25, 2006; 15" x 23" 
UltraChrome Archival Inkjet Print

The Last Iceberg is one piece of a larger project entitled "Melting Away" that documents the Polar Regions of our planet, their environments, life forms, history of human exploration and the communities that work and live there.

    Giant Tabular Iceberg - Weddell Sea -Antarctica
     December 2005; 8" x 25" UltraChrome Archival Inkjet Print

Nick Cave once sang, "All things move toward their end." Icebergs give the impression of doing just that, in their individual way much as humans do; they have been created of unique conditions and shaped by their environments to live a brief life in a manner solely their own. Some go the distance traveling for many years slowly being eroded by time and the elements; others get snagged on the rocks and are whittled away by persistent currents. Still others dramatically collapse in fits of passion and fury.
     Giant NonTabular (Wedge) Iceberg; Weddell Sea -Antarctica
     December 2005; 8" x 25" UltraChrome Archival Inkjet Print

The Last Iceberg chronicles just a handful of the many thousands of icebergs that are currently headed to their end. I approach the images of icebergs as portraits of individuals, much like family photos of my ancestors. I seek a moment in their life in which they convey their unique personality, some connection to our own experience and a glimpse of their soul, which endures.

     Dirty Iceberg, Cape Bird - Antarctica; December 25, 2006
     15" x 23" UltraChrome Archival Inkjet Print

These images were made in both the Arctic regions of Svalbard, Greenland, and Antarctica.

Email:   "camseam [at] aol [dot] com"

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