Diana Meckley

Diana Meckley is a composer, writer, and arts/arts education consultant. Her research includes the topics of perception and the impact of science and technology on artistic creation/presentation. Meckley has been Associate Director of Harvestworks, Digital Media Arts and is currently Director, Senior Writer, and Editor of ArtsConnection's Web site. She received a BA (Honors) in English, continuing graduate work at NYU in Music Composition. Her compositions range from those for electronically-altered voice to acoustic and computer-edited brass to string quartet. In many of these works, ideas from outside the musical realm (e.g. linguistics, astronomy), have acted as conceptual metaphors for organizing sound. Meckley has received a number of grants and commissions including those from the New York State Council on the Arts, the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, Meet the Composer, New Radio and Performing Arts, and Arts Midwest. She sits on the Board of ASCI and is a charter member of the Electronic Music Foundation.

EMAIL: dimeckley@aol.com ; meckleyd@artsconnection.org