CYBERART99 Symposium
Jaron Lanier, "father" of VR
gives Benefit Multimedia
Performance for ASCI

Saturday, May 8th - 8pm
The Great Hall at
The Cooper Union, NYC


Sunday, May 9, 1999; 10am - 5pm
Doors Open at 9am
The Great Hall @ Cooper Union
7 E. 7th Street, NYC
(at 3rd Avenue)

It's been four years since ASCI produced what was probably the world's first CyberFair at Cooper Union, NYC. Michael Govan, Director of the DIA Center in New York and internationally renowned performance artist, Laurie Anderson were keynotes. The field of cyberart has evolved and changed dramatically since those early days. The issues at the end of the twentieth century are no longer how to get access, how to create your own homepage, or how to use the Internet to make art. Artists have pushed this globally interactive medium in all kinds of creative ways: hypertext poetry, multimedia works, and even live performances. Categories have been created at prestigious international competitions to recognize and reward the best and most innovative work in this newest of digital art media. However, there are pressing questions that need resolution if this young artform is to survive and flourish.

At CYBERART'99, you will see and hear how artists and museums are dealing with the unique challenges of this rapidly developing "virtual" art. As a medium that cannot be sustained by the traditional commercial gallery model, webart requires new solutions regarding its production, presentation, and maintenance. This all-day event brings together some of the world's most creative digital minds in a unified effort to invent concrete and viable *new models* of support.

The event format is designed to first provide an important historical contextĚ history being a relative term in this field. Highly recognized webart projects that exemplify many innovative U.S. and European support models will be presented in the first half of the program. Then, proposals for four *new models* of support will be shared for public critique and feedback. These proposals will have been created during a month-long online discussion of the panelists prior to the event.

We invite our audience members to learn about this vital new artform spawned from recent tele-communications technologies, and to join us in building a viable, formal structure for supporting it.

***This event is the first part of a 3-year initiative to support cyberart. If you would like to learn about and possibly be a part of next year's expanded 2-day program, please email us ( ) AFTER May 9, 1999 with your *short* info blurb and URL.

Matt Mirapaul's interview with Maxwell Anderson

CYBERART99 is a co-production of
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.(ASCI)
and Cooper Union Adult Education,
with equipment and technical support from:
Theatrical Services & Supplies/PROXIMA,
and video documentation provided by:
A's Wave... (212) 431-9464 or

This project is sponsored by:
The AT&T Foundation and
"The Intel/Whitney American Century Internet Collaboration Project"

((("Resource Tables" are available for promoting
related products/services. Call 718 816-9796.)))


Maxwell Anderson - Director of the Whitney Museum of Art

Robert Atkins - art writer, editor/producer

Steve Bradley - web artist, professor at the University of Baltimore and

Steve Dietz - Director, New Media Initiatives; Curator Gallery 9
at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis;

Ciaran Doyle- Director of INTEL's Project

Jesse Gilbert-composer, musician, digital audio specialist

John Maxwell Hobbs - Creative Director, Ericsson CyberLab, NYC

Jon Ippolito - Artist & Assistant Curator of Media Arts, Guggenheim Museum

Bill Jones ÷ Editor of ArtByte Magazine

Laura McGough- independent curator and co-Director of NOMADS

Mark Napier - web artist and technologist

Randall Packer - media artist/curator, Lecturer at UC Berkeley,
Director of Zakros InterArts

Manuel Schilcher - web artist/engineer, set-up Ars Electronica's Lab

Marah Rosenberg - Lucent Technologies, New Jersey

Wolfgang Staehle - Founder & Director of The Thing

Helen Thorington - turbulence website, Founder/Director

Martha Wilson - Founding Director of the Franklin Furnace, NYC

Adrianne Wortzel - web artist, professor at NYCTC-CUNY and Cooper Union


10am - 12:15
Selections of "existing models" of support structures for Webart (in USA)
(Internet presentations)

turbulence site .... & foundation $'s for commissions & "sweat equity"
(Helen Thorington)

Walker Art Center... Gallery 9: Experiences with various support mechanisms from corporate to foundation to creative accounting.
(Steve Dietz)

"the thing"...BBS provides philathropic hosting of Webart / "artist-technologist"
(Wolfgang Staehle)

NOMAD in D.C.... an artist group (zine also does web projects) "sweat equity"
(Steve Bradley & Laura McGough)

Guggenheim Museum.... commissions curators & Web artworks through grants, in-kind donations, and corporate funding
(Jon Ippolito)

Independent curator.... collaborations (artist/curator/museum) that support & nurture
(Randall Packer)

Franklin Furnace... "virtual museum" uses the entertainment industry support model
(Martha Wilson)

Mark Napier.... solo artist/technologist/producer/maintainer, "sweat equity"
(Mark Napier)

LUNCH BREAK 12:15 - 1:30
with a...
EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE: innovative solutions
12:35 - 1:20 Grab a sandwich, stretch your legs and then join
Manuel Schilcher for an Internet Tour of six successful
European models of support for webart.
(more info. below)


(Panel Format for Sessions #1 & #2...
- 18 min. for individual panelists' statements
- 22 min. for discussion among panelists
- 20 min. for audience Q&A

1:30 - 2:00
PANEL: Are we still defining this medium?
Moderator: Robert Atkins, art writer/editor/producer

Max Anderson, Wofgang Staehle, Randall Packer
Laura McGough, Helen Thorington, Martha Wilson
Steve Dietz, and Jon Ippolito.

2:00 - 2:30 Audience Q&A

2:30 - 3:00
PANEL: Pressing issues from the field & industry.
Moderator: Bill Jones, Editor of ArtByte Magazine

Steve Bradley, Manuel Schilcher, Mark Napier,
Jesse Gilbert, John Hobbs, Marah Rosenberg,
Adrianne Wortzel, and Ciaran Doyle.

3:00 - 3:30 Audience Q&A

3:30 - 4:30
(created from online discussion & finessed on Saturday)

Proposal #1- Marah Rosenberg/ Lucent Technologies
Proposal #2- Maxwell Anderson / Whitney Museum of Art
Proposal #3- Ciaran Doyle / Intel
Proposal #4- John Hobbs / Ericsson Cyber Lab

4:30 - 5:00
And, solicit involvement in a formal Support Consortium for webart.

(with ASCI, not Cooper Union, ***click below)
$15 Pre-Registration (until April 15th)
$20 At the Door



Austria - Vienna
Silverserver -- A community with their own Network setup on old telephone lines; support their online art by offering ISP services. and
contact person: oskar obereder --

Netherlands - Amsterdam
WAAG -- Society for Old and New Media - The Waag building, which houses the Society, has a Media lab, a monumental conference theatre, and a restaurant-cafe in which the Reading Table for Old and New Media is located.
contact person: marleen stikker --

Germany, Berlin - Mikro e.V. Verein zur FÜrderung von Medienkulturen in Berlin mikro - independent platform for mediaculture. an informal network of media artists, - theoretics and - activists. Projects and events, mostly in audio. -- tel: 0177 225 37 97, fax: 030 2821867

GB, London -- Backspace
is an an open environment for exploration and expression on the Internet and the focal point for related events, audio, visual and otherwise, with particular bias toward the diverse talents its members. Their real space is very social and home to MetaMute.
contact: Gio D'Angelo

Latvia, Riga Re-Lab
Open space for artists doing a lot of netradio projects together, big community.
contact: Rasa Smite

Ljudmila - ljubljana digital media lab
Ljudmila is an open-access media laboratory, an initiative of the Open Society Institute of Slovenia. Ljudmila supports education, research, and work in the following fields: Internet, digital video, electronic arts, digital and analogue radio, communications, hardware production and interdisciplinary integration. supported by the Soros Foundation.
contact: Vuk Cosic --

Our Tour Guide...
Manuel Schilcher was instrumental in setting-up the Futurelab at
Ars Electronica where he was senior projectmanager for internet and
multimedia in 1996/97 He is also a web artist with a site hosted on
"the thing" and enjoys keeping up with the developments of this new
electronic media around the world.

Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
is an international non-profit organization devoted to raising public awareness about artists and scientists working at the curious intersection of these two fields.
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