SPOTLIGHT: Winter 2010



Schimert Brain

[image above] Katy Schimert's "Brain" artwork is included in the "Landscapes of the Mind: Contemporary Artists Contemplate the Brain" exhibition; Jan.30-May 2, 2010; Williams College, Williamstown, MA; program includes a symposium on March 13, 2010 from 1-5pm, and associated gallery talks.

New book - "Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation" has just been released by ASCI Member, Nicolle Rager Fuller who illustrated and designed all 192 pages of the graphic adaptation, and Mike Keller wrote the adaptation based on letters and Darwin's original text. Chec-out a few pages via  the link above.

• The Centre for Art and Science at the University of Southern Denmark/ Odense Campus. The centre's main purpose is to communicate science and to stimulate interdisciplinary co-operations between artists and scientists and to present these works to the public in general. The Centre offers public science theatre, communication training for scholars, scientists and students and the development of new teaching materials.

Open Call: Art Commission for new Science-Technology-Art Center, LEONARDO in  downtown Salt Lake City;  seeking a site-specific, permanent art installation for its main lobby. $74,000 project budget, and only USA artists. Deadline for LetterOfIntent: Feb.8,2010.

"Art in the Age of Nanotechnology" exhibition (opening Feb.4, 2010) and the "Strange Futures: Collaborations that Make Nano-Art" Symposium (Feb.7, 2010) at the John Curtin Gallery; Curtin University, Perth, Australia. There will be a "Force/ Magnitudes Nanotechnology Workshop" Feb.3-5, 2010.
Call for Participation - at
the Elsewhere Collaborative 2010 residencies;downtown Greensboro, North Carolina;
Deadline for fellowships is Jan.31, 2010.

 Call for Proposals:
Developing a New Visual Language for Molecular Science; sponsored by Animation Studio, Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (Eindhoven University of Technology) 
and STRP Arts Festival, The Netherlands; Deadline: Feb.28, 2010.

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