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14th annual, international, juried exhibition
Organized by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.
at the New York Hall of Science
September 4, 2012 - February 28, 2013

Selected Artists:

Alexis Arnold [USA], Melissa Belli [USA], Sharon Bladholm [USA], Hunter Cole [USA], Kindra Crick [USA], Anne de Harlez [Spain], Hamer Dodds [UK], Angie Drakopoulos [USA], Erin Espelie [USA], Robert Fathauer [USA], Laura Gravenstine [USA], Elizabeth Jameson [USA], Brian Knep [USA], Susan Phillips [USA], Edie Pijpers [USA], Byron Rich [USA], Rhonda Smith [USA], Linda Thomas [USA], Terry Trickett [UK], and Chizuco Sophia Yw [USA]


For many artists of the 21st century, the Internet's rich supply of public domain images of living organisms (animals, including humans and insects; plants, and even bacteria) has dramatically affected the degree to which biology inspires art. Powerful scientific imaging tools have opened a new aesthetic "window" on what previously could only be seen after a subject's death and dissection. Additionally, our global "information super-highway" has revolutionized public access to scientific research data and to its researchers. The bold field of live bio-art is gaining practitioners as university labs open their doors to artistic investigations and experiments. More recently, scientific funding agencies are requiring that scientists share their current research in more publicly accessible and engaging ways, and this is creating a new avenue for artists to collaborate on visual projects and art-science exhibitions.

While the intrinsic beauty of biological imagery may be an initial “pull” for some artists, it is not the only force stimulating their imaginations. Today’s "hottest" scientific research areas often speak directly to the artist's personal circumstances and curiosity. Some of the more notable include: the potential of the Genome Project to unveil the secrets of genetics and contribute to future medical cures, a desire for enhanced quality of human life and its extension via bio-mechanical prosthesis and artificial organs, recent breakthroughs in neuroscience due to non-invasive imaging technologies, and even the recent ecological (and thus human) health implications of our planet's increasing loss of biodiversity.
For this exhibition we sought original art inspired by our biological world with a special interest in what lies beneath its surface, and/or reflects upon scientific research questions, processes, ethics, and the stunning discoveries being made today.  We asked:
What vital signs of life pull at your inquisitive mind and imagination?

Art Co-Juror:
Patricia Kernan, curator of the New York State Museum's illustration collection; and curator of the museum's international, juried, Focus on Nature exhibits.

Science Co-Juror:
Dr. Dana Boyd, microbiologist and Lecturer in the Department of Microbiology at Harvard Medical School; long-time collaborator of Joe Davis, the "father" of bio-art.

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