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Steve Oscherwitz

painting within cancer cell
Painting within a cancer cell

Translating visual models between the disciplines of painting, fluid dynamics and cancer research.

Artist Statement

Images of my painting are placed within a fluid structure, which is then placed within a cancer cell. Instead of each image being seen in its isolated context. The placement of these images within eachother, serves not only as a metaphore, but also a working model where ideas and theories and experiments within one disipline can be inclusive of other disciplines in a direct and deep way.
Through nanotechnology and nano-fabrication, a painting experience could be placed in a cellular enviornment where optical tweezers (lasers) can move microscopic acyrlic beads around as an artists moves a paintbrush. Chemical signaling between intracellular and extracellular fluid patterns would thus be affected by the movement of these objects and possibly affect the dynamic patterns of the fluid which could then affect the functioning of the cell. This would be a non-reductionistic model where both art and science can florish in more integrated and self-expressive modes of the translation and interconnecting of the fields of painting, nano-technology, molecular biology and cancer research.
This model would present a deep connect in which an artist could contribute to and extend the very notion of what science and art is and or can be.
Steve Oscherwitz
[A painter who collaborates with scientists and 
cancer researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle]

within fluid structure
Painting within a fluid structure

fluid structure within cancer cell
Painting within a fluid structure, within a cancer cell


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