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  BRAIN - Valeriya N-Georg


London, England

N-GeorgV Axon-TheConnection web
Axon:The Connection by Valeriya N-Georg, 2014, monotype print on layered gel medium


The subject matter of my work is the ultimate mystery of the relationship between the physical human body and the inner self (the human spirit). I am investigating the representation of the invisible through fragments of the physical body. I am interested in exploring the boundaries between the inner and outer body; between the physical and metaphysical; tangible and intangible, by exploring the tactile and the optical image.

My works are monotype prints on layered gel medium. This process of printing on layered gel references the gradual peeling of human skin, exposing and suggesting the materiality inside the human body.

I am creating digital prints/collages from many gel print scans of body parts and the cell – the smallest building block that provides structure for the human body. This digital print represents the basic parts of the humans brain structure.


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