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all images © 1997 victor acevedo available as iris ink jet or cibachrome prints


Victor Acevedo, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, has been working as a professional artist for 14 years. He is currently based in New York City. Acevedo has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Far East. In 1977 during an M.C. Escher inspired pilgrimage to the Alhambra, in Spain, Acevedo had a perceptual experience that influenced his imagery henceforth. The phenomenological effect of a glass-reflected overlay of tessellation on architectural and biomorphic schema was the basis for the curious figuration-geometry nexus later found in much of his work. In 1979 standing at the foot of the Great Pyramid in Geza at midnight the artist experienced what he describes as ‘union and dematerialization in the holographic energy ocean of local universe.’ This no doubt made a profound impression upon the young man. In the early 1980's, he studied fine art at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. At present Acevedo has shown his work in over 50 exhibitions worldwide. Since 1987 he has utilized computers exclusively to compose pictorial artifacts intended to evoke inter-dimensional & para-normal experience.

Artist's Statement

“These images are about turning up the non-anthropomorphic channel. As to metaphor energetic flux outside the polarites of complementary opposites. In effect countrapuntally over exposing the psychic-structural resonance and/or shape of space crystallography as apprehended in an act of coding constellations of sensorial lensing or filtering. ‘Nothingness’ as in the interstitial space between figure and ground is given structure.”

The role of the computer in the genesis in the work

The computer is crucial to the creation of the work. It is the tool or instrument utilized to build the metaphorical space-frame ‘psychic-energetic-molecular’ models in a virtual 3-space. The computer mediates in its facile enabling of seamless compositing of purely computer generated structures with digitized photography. The flow of the creative work is ‘cyber’ in that it is man-machine interface that in effect boot-straps the artist into a dynamical interactive feed-back loop of intuition and analytical thought.

The role of photography in the work

A photograph pulled from the world holds a corpus of mnemonic-phenomenology for the artist. This can and seems to be the point of departure for revisioning the scene into a kind of metaphysical ‘polaroid’. The artist posits a between state or region of ‘fluid connective crystal tissue’ manifesting as aggregates of all space-filling polyhedral networks, quasi-spherical enclosures or euclidean flotsam and jetsam. If you will-a polytopal reification of synchromesh with ontologic bandwidth expansion.

Acevedo's images are created using digital imaging tools to combine high resolution scanned photography with computer generated 3D models.

The soft ware used is Soft Image and Adobe PhotoShop 3.0 running on an SGI Indigo2 and a Power Mac 8100/80 respectively. The 3D geometry is created with ‘Soft’ and the final compositing is done in Photoshop. Final images are output as Cibachrome or archival IRIS ink jet prints on Arches watercolor paper.