PABLO PEREA & LINDA STORM  (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Juice by Perea & Storm, 2015, acrylic texture and paint on canvas
Rain by Perea & Storm, 2015, acrylic texture and paint on canvas

We Not Me by Perea & Storm, 2014, acrylic texture and paint on canvas

We collaboratively create surrealistic paintings that integrate our cross-cultural symbolism about relationships between humans and nature and the cycles of life.

Juice is a parable about the amount of energy used for food production and delivery, and the irony of our behavior. Pablo began with three oranges representing fruitfulness. Linda painted fossils and oil wells around them, representing the withdrawal of energy from a buried past. Lastly, Pablo's dark murky sky forebodes our future.

Rain is a metaphor for our reliance on a balance between earth and sky, without which we would not have food. Pablo painted the archetypal golden apple with birds spiraling out of it. Linda added a tree nymph rising from the apple with branches embracing a cloud raining on the earth below.

We Not Me is allegorical of the earth as a midwife. The earth is represented by hands painted by Pablo. Linda added a sprouting seedling unfolding from the hands in front of a setting sun.